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import Poland

HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free
born 04.07.2008
breeding female

Juniorchampion SR, Champion SRB
3xCAJC, 3xCAC, Excellent, Very good

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disenka photo

About me

Disena (at home Disa), came to us unplanned. It was very quick decision. Disena was a cancelled puppy female from Poland. She was 4 months old and we travelled for her. She grew very quickly to a nice young female

Disa has a lots of preferences - for example her origin. Her father is very show successful male in Norway. And mother of Disena is from Poland, but her blood is from the half part from Belgium. Disena has very interesting pedigree, mix blood from Europe and her ascendants lived for a long time. AOD of Disena (average life of ascendants) is 9,26 years (updated in January 2011).

Disena came from the litter of 12 puppies. More of them are very successful in the shows and some of them are Champions too. But the most important is that 7 brothers and sisters made x-rays and 6 of them have HD, ED: 0/0 and one brother has HD: 1/1, ED: 0/0...

You ca see that Disena is not similar as Czech females, she is really another type and she is similar to her father from Norway. Sometimes she is successful in the shows, sometimes not doe to a few white hairs in her front legs and a small white colour on her face. But she has very nice strong head, nice coat and nice movement with good set and care tail and super nature.

Disa is very important female for us and our breeding programme and this is why we choose the mating dogs for her very carefully. We hope we wait for some puppy female from her to be a new female in our kennel.





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