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HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free
born 14.03.2005
sterilized female

Juniorchampion PL
3x Junior Winner PL, 2x Junior Winner CZ, 2x R.CAC

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About me

We had been looking for some puppy and tried to find some suitable kennel for a long time. After information that Melian z Gemerskej Polomy was mated with Dino from Germany we decided to book one puppy female from this litter for us. We contacted breeder and asked her for a puppy and looked forward to have some hairy bear. We didnít know which female from two borned puppy females from that litter will be ours. One female Annabell stayed in the kennel and Allsa travelled with us to our family in the end...

Allsa is very nice female and very successful in the shows. She took first places in the shows, but not from the judges who prefers white colour on the front legs. We were so looking forward to her puppies but we were not lucky. She heated in her 7 months age for the first time and her period was 3-4 months only. In her age of 18 months she had uteritis for the first time. Thanks to MVDr. Laznicka, vet specialist for reproduction she was cured. But after some time uteritis returned again. Cure was successful but we didnít hope to have some puppies from her. We tried to mate her in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and only Achil z Opatovickżch luk was successful and Allsa was pregnant.

Only one puppy was alive, rest maybe 5 puppies were absorbed and than we had one nice puppy female which is for us something as magic and this is why her name is Angel Magic and she is living in the family of our friends and we can be very often in a contact with her and follow her life.

We donít plan next mating of our Allsa. She is still with a smile on her face, she loves people, but she is Alfa female at home and doesnít allow to anybody to take her first place in our kennel and due to she complicates our life sometimes.



melian dino
ICH. Melian z Gemerskej Polomy
HD A/A, ED 0/0
CH. Dino v.d. Hohen Linde
HD A/A, ED 0/0